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Feb 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
to be in the city versus traditionally in silicon valley. >> cal train says it's seen a steady increase in ridership. there are now more riders in its history and realtors say they see a trend, tech workers choose choosing san francisco. over the selling point. >> noe valley because it's towards southern part of the city and easier commute to get on to the freeways but you can see buttses on union street waiting to pick people up. >> the transportation commission here says we're never going to defeat congestion but we can manage witness good planning and right projects well. don't have, perhaps ideal deal but a reasonable speed on the roads. police ride id fid and released photos of a 13-year-old found murdered in fairfield. january yell conway allen found friday morning. they released this surveillance photo from when she was last seen thursday afternoon. investigators from fairfield çc.pkq been working on the case nonstop since conway-allen's body was found. they're asking anyone who may have seen this girl just before she disappeared to please, call fairfield police. >> a pittsburgh man is under
Feb 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
-old was seen thursday afternoon in the sassoon city area. a surveillance camera ra captured here in fairfield wear a gray sweater, blue jeans and a pink backpack. her unclothed body then found friday morning in fairfield allen wit park. police say they do have some evidence but they're not saying what it is. a police sargeant read a statement from the family. >> this has been a devastating tragedy we need to thank everyone for outpouring of support at the memorial. we're grateful for love and support. >> that is information coming uping out it's appropriate to respond to. but as everybody in this community i'm sure wants to make sure happened we want to catch the people responsible for this crime. we want to make sure we can present an appropriate case. >> police say they do not want to forget to take this opportunity to remind children it's best not to travel around town alone f you're threatened by a stranger, kick, scream, yell, do whatever you can to draw attention to yourself. also the police and family are asking the community for help in solving this case. if you think you might know s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2